Serenity, For Now

I love walking. Who loves walking even more is my doggie, Lola. Since summer is in full swing in New Orleans, we get up pretty early to beat the heat. We head to Audubon Park, where there’s a great paved, shady track designed for walkers, runners and cyclists. It’s one-and-a-third miles with water stations at each halfway point, so one loop is perfect for my older pooch. For more advanced exercisers, there’s workout stations posted around the track for a full body regimen.

The only thing I’m armed with (besides sunscreen) is a leash for Lola. Phone and music-free, I love listening to the sounds of the frogs, birds, and ducks. I love seeing others workout and their reactions to the widlife, especially when they encounter one of the large turles. Walking allows me great visualization therapy, and focusing on breathing. Lola loves being outside and all the compliments from the other walkers. By the time we’ve finished, the tension is gone from my shoulders and I can feel my stomach tighten.

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