Winter Is Coming: Prestige/Department Store Options

It’s easy to get confused walking into a department store and keeping a clear head when selecting a skincare routine. Sure, our friends, family, co-workers and randos on the street will tell you what works for them, but it works just for them. I love shopping, but hate the selling tactics of conventional cosmetics counters. All of the items can be found either at Sephora, Ulta, or unless specifically mentioned:

Peter Thomas Roth’s 21st Birthday Kit

This doesn’t fall under natural or organic, but what I love about his line is it does what it promises. This set is a killer combo for an adult who still deals with the paradox of occasional breakouts while wanting an effective anti-aging regimen. The wash can be used  for face and body; if you find it too drying for twice-daily use, try Boscia’s Purifying Botanical Gel in the AM.

Murad’s Resurgence Line 

Does “The ‘Pause” make your skin less than glowing? I love how this line makes your skin feel. If you have medications that are making your skin dry, this line may do the trick for you, too. Make sure to test the products (dab on skin behind your ear) to check for sensitivities.

Fresh’s Soy Cleanser

This perennial offers great rinsability and works with the most sensitive of skin types. Seem a little…pricey? Eclos Beauty’s Skin Prep Cleanser does the trick at almost a 1/3 of the cost.

Speaking of cleansing, everyone writing all agog about cleansing oils.  I’m not going to discuss them for those who struggle with acne. I have neither the strength nor the inclination. What really is the issue are the ingredients used in them to make them ‘marketable’. I would never advise ones containing mineral oil! So…one that isn’t mineral oil based:

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil

As a moisturizer, I’ve been using Peter Thomas Roth’s Oiless Oil.

100% squaline is the key for maximum hydration. I pair this with sunscreen and serum in the morning and a serum at night.

Serums? Love them! If your skin is really dehydrated or you live in a brutally cold climate, then a cream is better. Even so, pair it with a serum and you’ll love the results!

REN Bio-Retinoid Anti-Aging Cream

“Bioactive” and natural. Looking for something more aggressive? Try Kinerase’s C8 Intensive Peptide Treatment. Created for use after dermatalogic procedures, it helps speed cell regeneration. I used it after chemo treatments, from my décolleté to all over my bald head. It kept my skin soft, smooth and healthy looking.

Feel like splurging? Fresh Crème Ancienne is a killer. You’ll feel like a boss and so will your skin.

There’s so many items out there, so I hope this helps!


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