Hair: At A Crossroads

I’m happy to be a member of #TeamNatural. However, as my hair gets longer, the curls are finer than I expected. I’m also having difficulty finding protective styles that are age-appropriate. As I crawl down the rabbit hole of Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, the styles (time, upkeep) are just as complicated as when I relaxed my hair.

When I see pixie cuts, my heart aches. If I cut two years of growth, my heart will ache. Knowing these feelings are temporary isn’t comforting. Getting opinions of close friends are good, but rarely objective. The all-consuming humidity of New Orleans doesn’t help me keep a great, straight style, even with a relaxer.

I welcome comments about what you do, have done or solutions to in-between hair lengths. Please!

A quick note: the long hair photos are my goal, not current length.










3 thoughts on “Hair: At A Crossroads

  1. I actually took the same pic of Eva to my hair stylist and once my transformation was complete I hated it! Lol. I just think you have to try different styles to see what looks good on you. I’m not natural but it took a year or two for my hair to grow back to my shoulders.

    1. I’m either a super-short or shoulder-length person. The whole mom-hair-in-between stage is hideous on me. Plus, no patience, lol.

  2. I know what you mean about protective styles. I have trouble finding suitable ones using my own hair as well. Are you opposed to weaves? Also, I’ve really come to embrace scarves & wraps. It is my go to “don’t feel like doing my hair” accessory.

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