Review: eSalon At-Home Professional Haircolor

I have had the pleasure to try eSalon’s system for haircolor in the privacy of your own home while getting professional results*. I haven’t had my hair professionally colored in decades, with mixed results. I would say it’s usually either an error on my part in selecting the wrong brand/shade/amount. Also, grey hair is more resistant to the dye adhering to the hair shaft. I was curious to try, so…I did!

The website is a breeze to use and offers a great little discount for anyone reading this post can use – pass it to your friends and family who would like it, too! If you’re skeptical about the color swatches? eSalon allows you to post a recent pic of yourself so the colorists can see what they’re working with. It did wonders to alleviate my fears.

The packaging is great and includes detailed step-by-step instructions. My before and after will be in a separate post this week. Sorry – I have to keep some suspense! Plus, rain in New Orleans makes for bad hair days pics.


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