Working Out? The Beauty From Within

These high blood pressure meds have got me down. Not crazy about how my clothing fits these days. Not getting any younger. Body parts move in a manner that is less than ideal. I do walk with my dog several times a day, but they’re short walks and neither of us can take the summer heat of New Orleans. I have to take it indoors in order to be successful with weight loss.

The benefits are myriad: improved mobility, stronger heart and bones, boosts confidence, glowing skin and hair. Almost seems like a magic bullet? Maybe, but in my instance, slow and steady will win the race.

In an odd circumstance, I needed new sneakers. Not really odd, really a case of timing. I can’t afford expensive ones, so I went to eBay. Bid on three pairs, thinking I’d win only one. Now there’s three pairs en route to my home. No more worries about swapping shoes out. I own workout clothing, so the next hurdle is the kitchen cabinet.

My family is health-adverse, so I am creating my own plan, based on low-glycemic foods. I love pastas and rice more than anyone should have a right. There’s lots of studies showing direct correlations between high blood pressure and diabetes. That’s something I don’t want to prove it’s correct!

I’m open to suggestions, but no supplements right now.





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