Hair Review: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea – LUV!

How can you be a member of #TeamNatural, and not want to try new products? I received the full line of Eden BodyWorks‘ Coconut Shea* products awhile back and cracked them open this week. My first word was, “Ahhh”, as the coconut scent was soft and sensual. It was a welcome change from the fruit salad/cotton candy scents of others. I was so excited to try them – their founder’s story is so great and she’s so passionate about what she is doing!

I used the first day (in order of routine):







No pre-poo this time; I wanted to test the lines on its own merits. I combed the co-wash through my hair and let sit for approximately ten minutes before washing and rinsing. After using an old t-shirt to absorb excess water (traditional towels rough up curly/kinky hair shafts), I sectioned my hair and applied the leave-in, followed by the pudding souffle. This week, my hairstyle was a low, loose puff (no pics – sorry!), so my hair air-dried. Subsequent days, I used the hair oil before bedtime and the hair balm to smooth in the AM.

Results? Loved the feel and since it did a great job of moisturizing, my curls were softer and looser. I’ll definitely use this again and the next time try the Curl Defining Creme to see if there’s a different outcome. Thank again so much and I am a big fan of your mission AND the products!

What would I change? Probably the packaging. There’s no trial sizes for travel and the jars are too large for a carry-on. As a personal preference, I refer squeeze bottle for haircare. You’ll have to DIY it with those travel kits

*I received this box of full-sized products by winning a contest during their #CelebrateMyBeauty visit in New Orleans during EssenceFest. I was no way required to write a review or testimony in lieu of receiving these items. All photos are from Eden BodyWorks website.


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