EssesnceFest: Day 3

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Many attend on Sunday because of the stellar Gospel lineup of singers and preachers. I was there – early – to get the viewpoint of what an average attendee goes through in the Convention Center. Personally, I’ve tried to get into the My Black Is Beautiful exhibit for years and it’s either too crowded or all the appointment slots are taken. This year, I was getting in, Hell or high water. I’ll talk about that experience later…

Lines. That was my day – lines. All the major sponsors: Ford, Walmart, Verizon, State Farm, Cola-Cola, etc. had lines upon lines to get whatever freebie they had. The personalized Coke bottle was so popular the wait was easily two hours. Getting Ford swag went quickly; the line to test-drive was as painful as the local DMV. Walmart’s money booth was slow and clumsily run, while hawking their prepaid cards so the purchaser can jump the line or get closer access to free (Walmart-hosted) speakers and artists. I didn’t have the stamina for all of these wait times. The concrete floor is brutal for standing!

The exhibit for the James Brown biopic “Get On Up” was short, swift and fun, like most of the late great artist’s songs. The #YesWeCode hackathon was ending, and Disney fans of all ages were queueing up for blinged-out mouse ears and pics.

I spent the day in here and was happy to head home with a bag of goodies. They were hard-earned, lemme tell you.


One thought on “EssesnceFest: Day 3

  1. I went to BlogHer last year and most of the lines were short, but some of the lines for things like manicures were so long that it wasn’t even worth it. I DO love a conference, though. I hope your experience was overall a positive one.

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