Essence Fest 2014: Day 1

Doing what you love doesn’t feel like work. Whoever said that lied! These past 3 days required planning and stamina. However, I persevered, met lovely people and discovered new products to try out. Lastly, I get to share the findings with you!

I was lucky enough to attend two events: Design Essentials and Eden Body Works. I will write about each product line individually in subsequent posts; this is really about EssenceFest as a whole.

These events are not just marketing showcases, but a great way to find out about body, skin and hair care by experts I person. Both events were lovely and their teams were the epitome of grace under pressure.

I popped over to the day party hosted by Carol’s Daughter , which was on the other side of the French Quarter. Between the walking and the heat (!), I couldn’t bear the thought of going into the Convention Center. I checked out the cute-as-a-button pop-up shop by Shea Moisture. There weren’t enough cocktails to soothe my aching feet, so this day was officially done.


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