Juicing: Any Bright Ideas?

So I inherited a Breville Juice Fountain® Compact. I’ve wanted to juice for a long time, but every time a look at pre-made juices, they’re outrageously expensive. Now, I can do it in the convenience of my home.

I’m asking for juicing ideas. Sure, I can look at websites, but it’s always nice to hear (or read) first-account experiences. I do know one thing: using this model, no wheat or barley grass can be used.



8 thoughts on “Juicing: Any Bright Ideas?

  1. I don’t have any good suggestions really, but I know there’s a juice company I like that makes a raspberry lemongrass juice that is delicious! I have wanted a juicer for a long time but just don’t think I’d have the dedication to make my own juices. Let me know how it turns out!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to raspberries. Shopping is the major hurdle. The person who gave me this one has done 10-day juice fasts. I’m not going past a 3-day. I think I can purchase enough green veggies to make it work.

      1. Sure! Many involve leafy greens, celery, even kale. I love lemongrass, but it may be too woody for this model. I did learn I can buy replacement blades, so all may not be lost.

      2. That’s awesome! I think a glass of homemade juice involving leafy greens and fruits would be a perfect post-workout drink! Maybe I will have to invest in a juicer!

  2. I go through periods where the taste of stronger leafy greens is really unappealing. I suggest this very healthy “lemonade”– a head of Romaine or other leafy green lettuce; 1 or 2 large granny smith apples and 2 lemons. Mint is a nice addition, or even parsley!

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