Sisters Are Doin’ It

My apologies in advance, but today is chock-full of links!

From Kerry Washington to Michelle Alexander to Issa Rae to Mae Jemison, African-American women are fierce and fabulous. They also die at an alarming rate due to breast cancer. the mortality rate is 41 percent higher than White females, and the survivor rate is only 77 percent as opposed to a 90 percent survivor rate for White females. We are diagnosed at a younger age and tend to have more aggressive tumors, including IBC – inflammatory breast cancer. This simply must stop.

There’s nothing comfortable about getting a mammogram, which remains the best option for detection. If the same method were used on a man’s scrotum, 3-D imagery would be the norm immediately! In the meantime, help someone get a mammogram if they’re afraid. Drive them, hold their hand, take them for a fabulous lunch or pedicure afterward. Let them know you care and they are not alone!

Today’s BCC is The Sisters Network, focusing on on increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in the African American community.


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