The Food Stamp Issue

Saturdays, I like to keep light, but this week’s decision by the House to slash food stamp benefits affecting up to 4 million people is beyond irresponsible. Their actions represent the opposite of what they are supposed to do: help those who are jobless and need assistance. No SNAP recipient is thriving; it merely helps them stay alive. It is extremely difficult to live healthy considering the allotment and the urban food deserts throughout the US. If Congress was subjugated to the intrusive questions food stamp recipients must ask, they would immediately raise the monthly limits and stop with the foolishness.

Everyone deserves food, period. If I could make laws, I would abolish taxes for grocery purchases. I would create a Federal VAT tax on anything over $1000. People are loath to support additional Federal taxes, but by establishing a high dollar mark, low-income households wouldn’t be disproportionally be affected.


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