I’ve found the answer to my hairs!

Sorry for the pun, but I have been on a journey to stay with #TeamNatural since December 2011. The hair is pretty long now, but it’s been a struggle to find the right combination that stops the shrinkage. Well, it’s…coconut oil!

I’ve read several blogs devoted to natural/curly/kinky hair and many extol its virtues, but didn’t really explain why. Thanks to the blog Curly Nikki, I discovered the real reason – low porosity. Even though New Orleans is incredibly humid, my hair doesn’t seem to pick up the moisture in the air like it did in the Bay Area. Well, unless I decide to flat iron my hair. Then, it’s  fuzzball time with the quickness. A jar of coconut oil seemed like a low-cost solution, too.

I hustled on over to Whole Foods and picked up a jar, which liquefied once I got it home. So, so happy it doesn’t have the Ambrosia salad fragrance so many commercial products add to mask the chemicals they use. I would recommend picking up a small funnel for easy transfer  to a bottle for your gym bag or travel.

I pre-poo’d with plain Greek yogurt & wrapped my hair with a plastic bag for about an hour. I try to do this twice a month, but I’m thinking weekly may be the way to go. I washed with Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk Conditioning Cleanser, squeezed my hair with an old t-shirt to minimize frizz, followed by applying  Carol’s Daughter’s original Hair Milk. I then applied small amounts of coconut oil by section, then braided the section. Once dry, I un-braided the hair and stretched just enough to  leave wild and free. I was ecstatic over the results: shiny, defined curls that didn’t shrink! I promise to post before/after picks soon!


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