Dog Anxiety – HELP!

So, the canine love of my life, Lola, is a very, very low-key dog. Until the first clap of thunder or lightening strike. Then I have on my hands a hyperventilating, drooling, burrow-digging, crying mess. I’ve tried numerous options:

Thundershirt – the dog hate it and it did nothing to quell her fears.

Rescue Remedy – her breath smelled better, but didn’t calm her.

A kennel – she scratched at the gate until she broke it and made her paws bleed to escape.

Holding her tightly – works for awhile, until you fall asleep ans she jumps out of the bed to dig a hole in your kitchen door.

Love my little girl, but it wreaks havoc on the whole family. Any ideas from the bloggerverse are welcomed, except putting her down, of course. Lola


One thought on “Dog Anxiety – HELP!

  1. We ended up just drugging Sienna when it got really bad..finding the right dosage was tough too. And, of course, she would figure out her own cave space which at one point was inside my closet on top of all my shoes.

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