Sunday? Sun Day!

Thinking about skincare is not complete unless we talk about sun protection. Everyone, regardless of race should use sunscreen! Natural melanin only offers an SPF of 8 at the most. A weekend at the beach can do some serious aging down the line…

Today’s recommendation is Neova DNA Damage Control Active. This was recommended to me by a co-worker who spends countless hours outdoors running. Her dermatologist told her about this brand.

People of color do have to deal w/the ashiness some sunscreens can leave on the skin, but it can be masked w/DIY foundation or tinted moisturizer. I do promise if I am writing about a product, most can use with success.

Before I forget! Forget simple arithmetic when it comes to SPF. A moisturizer with SPF of 15 followed by a foundation of SPF of 15 does not equal SPF 30 protection. It’s really between 12-15. If you need at least SPF 30, you’ll have to use a sunscreen. I’m adding pics so you can check out the ingredients and see if this will be great for you.




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