Team Natural!


So, in December of 2011, I cut all my hair off to remove the relaxed, damaged hair and start anew with chemical-free hair. The first few months were relatively easy, like the beginning of any new relationship. By summer, I needed to find products to define and loosen my curls. I think I’m going to work backwards in terms of styling trial-and-error with hair related posts. Keeps ye olde brain cells active, and keep from buying/duplicating products at home.

This is the latest item I’ve used: L’Oreal’s new Ever Curl Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel. While I can give kudos for the pump design, moisturizing properties and minimal scent*, it made my hair feel hard and didn’t offer much in terms of definition.

Also, when I’m feeling brave, I’ll post hair pics.

*I hate fruit-scented products, aka “fruity-booty”. Why do they think grown women want to smell like the ambrosia salad at the church potluck?


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