Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog! The impetus was simply I grew tired of reading about beauty products and skincare all day long, and having almost none of them apply to me or the needs of those with brown skin. I grew weary of waiting for someone else to do it. To paraphrase Spike Lee, “Make your own fried chicken eatin’ skincare and beauty blog!” So, I did…

Brown skin? Anyone who is not lacking in melanin in their skin. If you are a pale as those who happen to be white, join in anyway, as much of the information here can be passed along to others in your life or yourself as you age.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for many years and gleaned a vast amount of information regrading products, ingredients and skincare regimens. Wanting to share the information is something I’m happy to do. Before I write about anything, a disclaimer: Please, use this blog as an informative guide and insightful discussions, but NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL!

I hope you’ll be informed, inspired and entertained, and I hope to become enlightened by your responses.


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